Smart Contract Audit

Security products for Web3 & Blockchain solutions with Smart Contract Security Assessment

We have a dedicated in-house tool called WAS and we have customized it to increase the capabilities of our Detectors. Currently there are more than
500+ Detectors.
Audit 1-5 Days
Start 250 USD Base on complexity of code
Security Assessment Process

01 - 05

Request smart contract audit

02 - 05

Start Security Assessment

03 - 05

Pre-liminary report sent

04 - 05

Consulting/ Re-assessment

05 - 05

Full Audit Report

Support All EVM-Chain

With all the tools and technology available put security support on EVM-Compatible most efficient

Support ALL EVM-Compatible Chain such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Base Network, Avalaunch, Polygon etc.

Provide a threat protection for your smart contract

On the basis of security auditing standards by experts Cybersecurity

We use the same Formal Verification principles as other industry-leading companies.

More Than 1000+ risk detector

We have built a custom detector that is used within our team. as a tool to find abnormalities in the code which makes us different from other companies

This is the main thing and is at the heart of our development and adoption of technology. For the goal of delivering effective security assessment reports to customers, partners, and communities.

Gas Optimization

We deliver both optimization and security reports. and recommendations for optimizing the efficiency of Smart Contracts.

In addition to safety Performance optimization is important. We have security researchers. and developers who provide customization tips to optimize your smart contract.

Check for code errors or bugs.

Check for mathematical or logic principles, including gaps or code errors. This could be the reason for the risk of smart contracts.

Fair Price

With a fair price Let you pay comfortably but does not diminish the effectiveness of the audit.

The price starts at just 250 USD for a typical contract token code, and the price increases with the functionality. Or a higher number of codes than usual. We adhere to fair fair principles to provide everyone with access to high-quality products.

Standardized Smart Contract Audit Report

You can find the official Security Assessment report on our Website or on our GitHub. created by professionals in cybersecurity