KYC/Audit Is not financial advise

Any investments in projects involve risks. SCRL disclaims any liability whatsoever with respect to any investments. Please study at your own risk. And any documents made by SCRL are not investment documents.

KYC For Project

For DeFi, Web3 projects. We use technology and innovation to verify identity. We have a verify by web3 system which requires verification of the owner of the wallet first.

With standard technology running behind the scenes It helps to verify identity effectively. and when fraudulent events occur or legal enforcement action is required We are ready to provide services through Law Enforcement or public disclosure if necessary.
KYC 1-4 Days
If not passed the inspection We will not process the certificate. and cannot be refunded

01 - 05

Request KYC

02 - 05


03 - 05

Verify Web3 Wallet

04 - 05

Submit Identity & interview

05 - 05

Certificate issue

Up to 14+ crypto wallet

Support for web3 wallet or hardware wallet, which will only have permission to sign signature, will not interfere with any user assets.
There is no access to any seed phrase or private key nor don't we have any smart contracts or assets user funds approval rights.

With the security standards of the system behind which has financial system standards about PCI DSS

Systems processing personal data are secured according to these standards. which has high security and encryption
The processing of such personal data has been assessed to ISO27001, PCI DSS V3.0 standards (the system behind it, we use third-party APIs with standards and certificates).

Encryption 256-bit SSL

Encrypted Data Retention Measures Including a log system to audit internally for access to any privacy information. under international safety standards
At SCRL, we take data security measures at all times. Data is always backed up and encrypted. Including measures to limit access rights Even team members can't access the data. until permission

Fraud Prevention

Detecting attempts to defraud or conceal facts We have several detection systems, including the use of AI + ML to assist in inspection.
Investigations include attempts to mask IP or use of VPNs, fake document detection, DeepFake detection.

Check documents and face verification

The process of comparing the face with the information in the document
Our intelligent system evaluates faces against documents and calculates a rating with an AI + ML backend system that detects foreign objects. Or trying to use DeepFake, which we have a Liveness Check process all the time.

Rolling Face Scan

With facial scanning technology The face must be rotated into a spherical shape. which the system will monitor and process all the time
The process is constantly monitored which analyzes the behavior. and shape of the face Along with checking DeepFake in itself

Fake Document Detector

The system checks for patterns and document forgery. Including collecting all detailed information

Criminal & Sanction Check

Check financial criminal history technological crime Fraudulent crimes including sanctions and money laundering records
It also checks with AML methods and on-chain data verification and risk assessment.