Blockchain Incident Investigation

Our products and services with the aim of countering abnormal situations Blockchain-related crime

With the technology and tools we have, We support the prevention and fight against crime. We stand for the right and never give up on criminals.

You can submit a request for SCRL to assist in an investigation. (for any project using our products or services We will take action at no cost in case the project is a scam. Reports will be made public and used for legal purposes.)
7+ business days
Because we have a lot of cases to take care of. We will allocate all resources and prioritize them. We have the right to act or not to act.


Please note: If legal proceedings in your country have not yet begun, SCRL will reject any of your requests. and has the right to ignore your request.

You are required to take legal action before requesting, and for any document or report, even if it has legal effect, SCRL has the right to demand legal action if there are costs such as attorney fees, court fees, fees. Expenses for traveling to court, document delivery costs (except via e-mail) etc. where the applicant or legal entity must be responsible for the legal expenses incurred. and we have the right not to cooperate of any kind without our prior notice. 

SCRL has its main operations in Thailand. and conducting business within Thailand Taking legal action outside the Thai jurisdiction We may not be able to provide any legal assistance. And we are not have the legal authority to freeze or suspended any wallet address or request information disclosure such as any from Centralization Exchange or any provider is operated by SECURI LAB (Thailand). If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.

Conceal information of the who request and not publicly available

Protect the data and privacy of the request within the legal framework and without violating or accusing third parties.
You can fill out the request form, or in the case of law enforcement from a legal authority, please send an email from your organization's domain.

We are happy to assist police and law enforcement agencies.

We stand firm in our vision. “Not compromising on all forms of crime and support methods of prevention or pursue criminals."
At SCRL we endeavor to provide solutions and products that contribute to prevention. or pursue criminals by supporting collaboration with police officers around the world The goal is to drive the web3 and blockchain industry to be more secure for users.

Eye Tracking on attack vector

Keep a close eye on the situation along with an effective monitoring system to report real-time situation
with our techniques and tools and our partners We bring help in tracking looking for clues or evidence for the identification of criminals